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10 months into my marriage after begging my new wife every day and showing her pictures of puppies every day for months I finally convinced her to let me buy a puppy. Granted I had to setup the appointment to see the puppies behind her back when she was on her way home from work one night call and say “Meet me at CVS parking lot we’re playing with puppies” but it all worked out. After I paid the rescue for my new dog my bride plucked her from my arms, looked me in the eye and said. “We dont have a collar, dog bowls, or dog food. Go buy that and we will see you when you get home.” Not even 5 seconds of pet ownership in and I’d already lost her.


Fast forward 2 years. I have been begging my wife for a 2nd dog for about half a year. Again showing her pictures of puppies every night in a bid to get a new fluffy friend, but to no avail. Then one day a rescue posted on facebook this little black dog. She was 3 months old and just a month earlier she had gotten 600 likes and multiple inquiries on her brothers but she was the last of the litter because she was a black dog. My wife turned to me and said “We have to save this dog”. Suddenly our house was in uproar with this tiny black terror running around chewing everything. She’s since rounded that curve but even from the start has been the biggest sweetheart I have ever met.

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